Zero-party Data

Stay ahead of the curve

Collect zero-party data by providing customers with a place to create, engage with, and share content within your own brand’s domain. Continuous dialogue and engagement activities enhance static first-party customer data and fuels Cohora’s segmentation engine.
user-generated content
continuous dialogue
User-generated content

Continuous dialogue

When you activate your customers, you not only tap into a continuous stream of user-generated content but also gather valuable zero-party data. This encourages customer-to-customer dialog and fosters engagement-based loyalty.

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give customers a voice

Two-way conversations

Two-way dialogue is a more dynamic form of customer engagement. In contrast to emails or texts that can feel one-sided and impersonal, interactive communication can build a more engaging and authentic brand experience.

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customer voice
reduce privacy concerns
reduce privacy concerns

Build trust & transparency

Zero-party data reduces privacy concerns, building trust and fostering a transparent relationship between brands and consumers. In essence, zero-party data is a goldmine for brands seeking to enhance customer experience and drive loyalty in a privacy-conscious era.

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Integrate with your favorite tools & solutions

We will plug into any eCommerce, CDP or CRM platform that you currently have – breathe life into your partners and customer relationships and drive traffic to eCommerce channels. Enable community members to instantly add a product to their cart on your eCommerce store, expediting the purchasing process and optimizing sales opportunity.

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