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Unleash the Power of Post-Transaction Engagement

Research shows that e-commerce brands that connect with customers via non-transactional content and engagements drives more revenue and customer value.

Branded Quizzes, Polls, Surveys

Enhance your digital marketing strategy by harnessing the power of personalized post-purchase surveys, polls, and quizzes.

Boost your marketing with personalized post-purchase surveys, polls, and quizzes. Collect zero-party data for deep customer insights, segment your audience, and automate workflows. Our integrated rewards program incentivizes post-transaction engagement and measures the impact on sales, revenue, and CLV.

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Customer Reviews

Elevate your understanding of customer preferences and enhance your business decisions with our all-inclusive customer reviews solution.

Transform your Customer Reviews section into a dynamic instrument for delving into customer sentiment and harvesting genuine product insights to enrich your segmentation strategy. Introducing our comprehensive customer reviews solution:

  • Seamlessly collects, normalizes, and securely stores zero-party data.
  • Harnesses cutting-edge NLP technology to standardize written feedback effectively.
  • Segments customers into groups of potential loyalists or detractors for targeted actions.
  • Offers a rewards program to encourage valuable submissions from your customers.
  • Quantify the impact of reviews on crucial metrics such as sales, revenue, CLV, and more.
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Branded customer
engagement community

Integrate seamlessly into your e-commerce environment and captivate your audience. Centralize your content to create an immersive community, increasing time on site, fostering deeper customer relationships, and driving brand advocacy.

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Our Branded Customer Engagement Community offers a seamless integration into your e-commerce environment, providing a unique opportunity to captivate your audience like never before. By centralizing your content and creating an immersive native community, you can cultivate a long-term content strategy that not only increases time spent on your site but also fosters deeper customer relationships and drives advocacy for your brand.

  • Seamlessly blends with your online store for a cohesive brand experience.
  • Tailor each customer's journey for a truly individualized experience
  • Empower customers to contribute and engage with user-generated content.
  • Gain valuable insights into your customers' preferences and behaviors.
  • Incentivize customer participation and encourage brand advocacy.
  • Identify and nurture potential brand ambassadors within your community.

Branded Contests and Games

Elevate your e-commerce strategy with Branded Contests and Games for unparalleled customer engagement and lasting results.

Access pre-built, customizable game templates that can be tailored to suit your brand's unique identity. Elevate your customer engagement further with our development services for additional enhancements, ensuring a truly immersive experience.

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