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At Cohora, we allow brands to better understand their customers, build better, longer-term relationships with them, and start to put some hard numbers around those engagement and retention questions.
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Measure value of post-conversion engagement

Retention campaigns that start with sending a discount code to customers who provided an email or phone number with transaction may bring an immediate sale, but the long term effect is it only increases opt-out rates for the brand. Most brands reward points for following them on social media, the fact is this sort of strategy usually attracts the least loyal and valuable audiences.

Real loyalty establishes strong emotional bonds with your customers through acts of creation, collaboration, and shared experiences.
Cohora connects these activities directly to each customer, rewards them, and moves consumers along the continuum from transactions to advocacy. Brands gain actionable insights, increase customer lifetime value, and drive incremental revenue - all while minimizing acquisition costs and boosting new customer revenue.

The Cohora Team

Our leadership team

Manu Mathew
Co-Founder and CEO
Sormy Curpen
Co-Founder and CPO
Alyson Kelly Kaye
VP Marketing

Our Board of Advisors

With backgrounds in customer experience, brand loyalty, and high-growth companies, our board  members offer an array of experience that will guide Cohora as it redefines customer engagement.
Aman Devgan
Global GTM Executive and Board Director
Peter Callahan
Co-Founder @ Foundry.cc | Digital Transformation Leader
Gavin Hawthorn
Business Owner / Experienced CMO, Marketing and Loyalty Professional

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