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Dynamic Segmentation

Our platform allows you to adapt with real-time updates to changing customer behaviors, needs, preferences, and interactions.

Real-time data

Get a more accurate picture of preferences and needs with up-to-date behavioral data and quickly respond and adapt your marketing strategies accordingly.

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Triggered campaigns

Set-up automated campaigns triggered by specific customer behavior and target customers at the right moment with highly relevant messages.

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Predictive analytics

Identify patterns and trends that may not be apparent with static segmentation. By analyzing past behaviors, brands can anticipate which customers are likely to take certain actions, such as making a purchase.

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Integrate with your favorite tools & solutions

We will plug into any eCommerce, CDP or CRM platform that you currently have – breathe life into your partners and customer relationships and drive traffic to eCommerce channels. Enable community members to instantly add a product to their cart on your eCommerce store, expediting the purchasing process and optimizing sales opportunity.

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