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Using authentic user-generated content and zero-party data, Cohora's platform is designed to help e-commerce brands enhance customer retention efforts and drive organic growth. By activating static first-party data, our platform enables customers to create, engage with, and share content.

The best part is that all of this takes place within a platform owned by the brand itself, rather than relying on a third-party or static database.
simplify data stack
Drive retention and increase CLTV

Authentic user-generated content

This approach ensures the generation of authentic user-generated content and zero-party data, which in turn powers our AI engine. This engine facilitates continuous dialog and provides valuable consumer intelligence that can be used to drive campaigns aimed at improving customer loyalty, promoting brand advocacy, fostering organic growth, increasing customer lifetime value (CLTV), and optimizing data efficiency.
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CLTVPolls can be adapted to measure customer sentiment
Reduce dependency on 3rd party platforms

Collect zero-party data

Gain insights straight from the source.  With zero-party data you gain invaluable insights into customer needs, preferences and motivations to tailor offers, content and products.

A living resource that is continually updated by users and the brand with new information, questions, images, videos and other forms of content. It is an ongoing opportunity for the customer to engage with the brand to share stories, discuss challenges and explore new products.
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Turn customers into brand advocates

Generate Word-of-Mouth on Autopilot

Leverage the power of user-generated content and advocacy across channels. Customers review products, share tips, and recommend your brand to their own networks. This content can be used throughout the customer lifecycle to offer personalized and relevant messaging at any point along their journey. This living platform reduces online dropout and opens lines of communication with customers and prospects.
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In the News

Cohora allows brands to leverage “the power and passion of its consumers to propel brands and products” while also driving “organic engagement, personalization and communication from a single, centralized hub.”
Using Cohora, brands can turn their websites into a type of owned social network that drives consumer advocacy and collects first-party data to drive behavior-based loyalty.
Leveraging user-generated content, Cohora optimises customer engagement and behaviour and gives companies the means to offer customer-to-customer and brand-to-customer conversations.
"Brands are gaining real-time dialogue with their customers as they interact with platform features, all of which are designed to foster brand advocacy. There is no longer a need to rely on third-party data.

Plug-n-play integrations with your business tools

We will plug into any eCommerce, CDP or CRM platform that you currently have – breathe life into your partners and customer relationships and drive traffic to eCommerce channels. Enable community members to instantly add a product to their cart on your eCommerce store, expediting the purchasing process and optimizing sales opportunity.

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