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Optimize Customer Value

Accurately measure and monitor the significance of non-transactional engagements to understand the health of your existing customers and better predict future value.  
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We empower brands to measure the health of their customer database with precision and insight.

What is Customer Health?

The core principle of Cohora's approach to customer engagement is determining the value of your existing customers or the 'health of your customers'. By measuring the value of post-transaction engagement and combing with transaction data we assign a customer health index score. This indication of health is how well your customers are moving with your brand and their propensity for value.

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Measure Engagement

Cohora provides the necessary tools to develop innovative strategies that are underpinned by measurable data, facilitating sustained customer engagement and loyalty.

When you identify and prioritize the activities that genuinely resonate with your customers this ensures that your loyalty programs are not only effective but also aligned with the behaviors that drive real value, ultimately enhancing customer loyalty and boosting your brand's profitability.

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