February 23, 2024

The Last Effective Marketing Strategy

Brands are moving away from traditional online advertising approaches and looking for new ways to understand customers

Community may be one of the last effective marketing strategies available as customers gain more control over their personal data through private digital wallets. 

Brands are moving away from traditional online advertising approaches and looking for new ways to understand customers, share information, collaborate on product development, and foster emotional connections that drive loyalty and advocacy. 

While community-based strategies are not a novel concept, many companies have struggled with successful implementation due to an overemphasis on sales and promotion. 

A brand-owned network is a customer centric single stack solution that provides e-commerce brands with the tools and technology to effectively execute this approach. Hosting a digital environment within the brand's own domain allows like-minded individuals to connect, create, and share with one another and provides the brand with valuable zero-party data through continuous dialogue and personalized engagement touch points. 


1. Differentiation - Having a tight-knit community gives you a unique way to connect with customers that's hard to copy. The personal bonds formed are a great way to stand out from rivals.

2. Market relevance - An active community is a constant feedback loop that helps you spot new opportunities. Listening to what people say gives valuable consumer insights.

3. Consumer Insight- Online groups make it easy to collect opinions and information in real-time. Being able to access data super fast is a huge competitive advantage.

4. Trust - Most people trust what others in communities say over brands directly. Other members sharing their experiences builds credibility.

5. Advocacy - A lot of content about brands is made by fans these days. Engaged community members influence many more potential customers too.

6. Loyalty - Belonging to a community strengthens emotional attachment to a brand. It positively impacts repeat purchases and retention.

7. Co-creation - Creative input from fans leads to better products. Some companies even develop products entirely based on community feedback.

8. Value - Just being part of an exclusive group is worthwhile. Some even see community access as a marketable perk.

9. Cultural relevance - Connecting to what fans care about keeps a brand feeling modern and in touch with trends.

10. Data - Willing sharing within communities provides a gold mine of first-hand customer insights for segmentation and targeting.

In the end, nurturing brand communities provides all sorts of economic benefits through differentiation, advocacy, insight, and loyalty. It's well worth the investment.​

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