April 17, 2024

Cohora Wins Industry Awards for Improving Brand-Customer Relationships

Cohora’s ability to completely transform the brand-customer experience via its social community, the insights the platform collects, and the two-way dialogue it spurs between a brand and an individual consumer.

Stevie Sales& Customer Service and MarTech Awards Recognize Cohora’s Innovative Platform for Community Enablement, Relationship Management.

Boston, MA – April 17, 2024 – Cohora, a Customer Activation & Engagement platform that enables brands to drive greater customer growth, retention & advocacy, today announced that it has won the MarTechAward for Innovation and a Gold Stevie Sales& Customer Service Award for the Best Relationship Management Solution.Both programs recognized Cohora’s ability to completely transform the brand-customer experience leveraging zero-party and UGC, the insights the platform collects, and the two-way dialogue it spurs between a brand and an individual consumer.

Analysis from Forrester’s 2023 Customer Experience Benchmark Study reveals that subdued customer advocacy was a trend in 2023, with brands missing the mark when it comes to offering customers an engaging experience. With today’s consumers having more options than ever before, brands can simply not afford to let consumer relationships become – or remain – transactional. Instead, brands must offer their customers exclusive experiences that simultaneously offer the most relevant offers and deals to the consumer while improving insights and value for the brand.

Cohora aims to put the relationship with the customer at the heart of every interaction. The company’s innovative, turnkey solution enables brands to build cohesive integrated non-transactional engagement with their consumers to share tips, give reviews, and interact with others customers. While customers participate in social and loyalty activities, brands start to gain unmatched insights via zero- and first-party data, user-generated content, and other information derived directly from user contributions and responses within the platform. Brands can then use this invaluable information to tailor messaging and offers to customers based on engagement behavior and customer provided data, personalizing every step of the customer journey.

“Measuring customer retention and engagement has long been elusive, especially for direct-to-consumer brands. Yet, they are also the metrics that matter the most to a business – determining strategy, revenue projections, marketing initiatives, and more,” said Manu Mathew, CEO of Cohora.“With Cohora, we allow brands to better understand their customers, build better, longer-term relationships with them, and start to put some hard numbers around those engagement and retention questions. Our vision is to enable brands with the capability of turning their their existing customers into a robust growth engine via recurring engagement. Winning both the MarTech Award and aStevie validates that our new approach to customer relationship management is exactly what the industry needs.”

The Stevie Sales & Customer Service Awards recognize the achievements of contact center, customer service, business development and sales professionals worldwide. This year's competition evaluated more than2,300 nominations from organizations of all sizes and industries. The MarTechAwards are run by Innovation in Business, a quarterly online magazine and newsletter, and recognize the latest developments, trends, and innovations across the Marketing Technology landscape.

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