February 13, 2024

Cohora Adds Customer Experience and E-commerce Experts to Advisory Board

Cohora adds three big names to its advisory board, gaining expertise to build customer loyalty and transform brand experiences through first-party data and owned social networks.

Cohora adds Aman Devgan, Gavin Hawthorn, and Peter Callahan to Advisory Board

Customer experience and e-commerce experts will guide Cohora as it enters its next phase of growth

February 13, 2024 08:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cohora, the first-party, brand-owned social network provider that enables brands to drive greater customer advocacy and loyalty, today announced that it has added Aman Devgan, Gavin Hawthorn and Peter Callahan to its Advisory board. With backgrounds in customer experience, brand loyalty, and high-growth companies, the three new members offer an array of experience that will guide Cohora as it redefines customer engagement and brand networks.

“Aman, Gavin and Peter are world-class leaders in using data and digital transformation to improve customer loyalty, retention and engagement across a variety of industries”

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Aman Devgan brings over a decade of experience as a senior executive in private and publicly traded technology companies, serving consumers and small businesses. A strong customer experience advocate, Devgan has a history of transforming and scaling businesses to achieve market leadership and profitable growth. He served as the Chief Marketing Officer at TCGplayer until 2023, leading sales, account management, and marketing to grow the world’s largest online marketplace for collectible card games and the thousands of local hobby stores it empowers. During his tenure, TCGplayer’s revenues grew over 200%, leading to an acquisition by eBay for $295M in October 2022. Before TCGplayer, Devgan was the Chief Marketing Officer at Upserve, a Vista Equity company and an analytics-based Point of Sale solution for restaurants acquired by Lightspeed for $430M. Before that, he served in General Management and senior executive roles at Kapitus, 1&1, and Web.com.

Gavin Hawthorn brings deep experience in digital, CRM and loyalty, brand, and partnership marketing gained with blue chip and VC companies across key sectors like retail, travel, leisure, and healthcare. Previously, Hawthorn was the Chief Marketing Officer at the Skin Clinics Group, where he led his team through multiple business acquisitions, COVID lockdowns, and strategic shifts to focus on new and existing businesses, as well as platform builds, including new e-commerce offerings. Hawthorn also served as a member of the FTSE 250 Retail Executive team, having scoped, built, and managed from scratch the UK’s fastest growing retail loyalty scheme, which grew to deliver £40 million of extra retail sales and a fast-growing subscription business.

Pete Callahan is a seasoned digital entrepreneur and leader with over 20 years of experience in creating, scaling, and transforming businesses across various industries. He is the Co-Founder of Foundry.cc, a global digital experience firm that delivers digital and data transformation services to clients and partners, integrating commerce, communications, and content. Before launching Foundry.cc, Callahan founded and grew Arkle Advisors, LLC, a global digital services agency that served e-commerce and retail businesses, maximizing their brand experience and customer relationships through innovative digital solutions and strategies. Callahan has also held leadership and business development roles across powerhouse marketing and technology companies, such as Conversant (now part of Epsilon), Razorfish, and Omniture (now part of Adobe).

“Aman, Gavin and Peter are world-class leaders in using data and digital transformation to improve customer loyalty, retention and engagement across a variety of industries,” said Manu Mathew, CEO of Cohora. “Together they bring a wealth of industry knowledge, extensive networks, and expert guidance to Cohora. Their additions will be critical as we continue to grow and develop our industry-leading platform that puts customer relationships back at the center of CRM.”

About Cohora

Cohora enables brands to develop an emotional connection with customers within a first-party, brand-owned social network that drives greater brand advocacy and behavioral based loyalty. Through Cohora, brands gain customer-to-customer and brand-to-customer conversations that generate authentic user content which promotes the brand, its products and allows customers to play a unique role in social commerce, product investments, organic user growth, and long-term loyalty to the brand. For more information, visit http://www.cohora.com.


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