The social platform is indeed a vital marketing tool for every company. The social media platform is certainly a great way for any company, even

The social platform is indeed a vital marketing tool for every company. The social media platform is certainly a great way for any company, even startup’s to increase their brand awareness and sales. This makes it clear why there are millions of business accounts on various social media platforms. However, now social media have changed, many brands are choosing another path for their businesses other than social platforms. It is important for brands don’t limit themselves in one place, and want to socialize with their communities.

Why brands are leaving social platforms?

Some brands have already left their social media accounts emphasizing their outlook for connecting with their customers to make more noise. Social media presence is important, but it is also equally important to be engaged with a targeted audience, which is lacking. The lack of visibility and engagement creates a negative impression on the brand, which influences productivity. To avoid this difficult situation, brands are now willing to connect with customers and opening up for a personalized conversation. The amount of content is increasing, more than what customers can consume, leading to most of the social media posts going invisible. The more the cntent published on social media, the organic reach falls low naturally. Because of this social platforms are becoming a less viable channel for driving traffic. Lack of data granularity, forecasting, and limited ROI prediction are also the reasons why companies leave social platforms.

What’s the alternative?

To overcome issues raised on social media platforms, businesses need a platform that connects both brands and their customers. Cohora is a Social Community and Loyalty platform that enables brands to engage in meaningful conversation with their customers. Cohora offers the flexibility to create your own branded space, which you fully own and control without any social media limitations, Cohora helps you focus on building a community and lets you engage with the people who really matter to your business.

The Cohora platform is seamless and can be fully integrated with many third-party apps and leverage all the data touch-points across all their customer journeys in a single place and one flow. The brands can create personalized offers and communications to drive sales, engagement, discovery, and loyalty with less dependence on IT. Cohora embraces customer transformation through

  • Media Campaigns drive acquisition
  • Convert the single transaction to multiple transactions
  • Convert multiple transactions to brand enthusiast
  • Build a partnership with brand enthusiasts to increase virality and invitations to the brand
  • Starting engaging with the community
What Cohora Gives You

Cohora offers integrated solutions, helping brands and their customers to fulfill their needs and objectives. Various automated modules of Cohora help in:

  • Leverage the power and passion of your community to propel your brand & products
  • Drive more organic engagement from a single and centralized hub, which reduces CPA
  • Drive loyalty and promotions, and reward programs, along with user-generated content
  • Collects data and create a more data-driven decision
  • Develops a deeper understanding of customer’s needs
  • Uses data-driven intelligence to drive loyalty, retention & long-term customer value  
  • Understand your audiences, segmentation & scaling opportunities
  • Increase your sales and understand the need for each audience segment product
  • Personalize your product offer depending on audience behavior in real-time

Activate your data now

Connect emotionally with your customers within a first-party brand-owned social engagement platform.
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