October 5, 2023

Activate your customers for e-commerce brand loyalty and growth

Activating your customers generates a continuous stream of user-generated content and zero-party data that stimulates customer-to-customer interaction

Through a loyalty program based on engagement, customer interactions are rewarded, fostering organic user growth, retention, and ultimately, revenue.​In today's competitive e-commerce world, understanding the customer journey and gaining insights to drive predictability and interest can be quite challenging.

That's where Cohora's first-party customer network comes in. We've created a solution that helps e-commerce brands establish direct connections with their most valuable asset: their customers. Our approach is centered around three core pillars: ACTIVATE.RETAIN.GROW

Every marketer knows that nurturing existing customer relationships is not only cost-effective but also more profitable in the long run. Imagine being able to not only increase customer loyalty and turn one-time buyers into repeat customers, but also leverage these "best customers" to acquire new ones.

By activating the untapped potential of your customer base, which often remains dormant in your CRM, and providing them with a platform to engage with your brand and like-minded customers, you unlock the power of retention and organic growth. For e-commerce brands, measuring and predicting retention rates can be incredibly challenging due to variations in purchase frequency across different industries. This is especially true in beauty and fashion, where brand switching and trying new products is common, influenced by trends on platforms like TikTok.

When you activate your customers, you not only tap into a continuous stream of user-generated content but also gather valuable zero-party data. This encourages customer-to-customer dialog and fosters engagement-based loyalty. Asa result, you not only drive organic user growth and retention but also increase revenue.​

Activate your data now

Connect emotionally with your customers within a first-party brand-owned social engagement platform.
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