February 8, 2023

A Brand’s Future is it’s Community

We are living in the biggest paradox of our lifetime! We have more communities online than ever, & we have more communities dying than ever!

We are living in the biggest paradox of our lifetime! We have more communities online than ever, & we have more communities dying than ever! yet very few brands are being successfully built, nurtured, and grown to enjoy the benefits that are key to brand survival.

In 2012 a study found that customers spend 19% more and purchase more frequently after they join a company’s online community. The main point of the study was that businesses actually profit more from personally created social communities than from using third-party social networks like Facebook, Instagram and etc…

Key social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are bleeding with bots, Elon Musk is dropping off the #Twitter deal, and there are very few in the universe that is thinking about a safe haven for any community! and the biggest illusion is that your fans or followers are yours…

There are numerous community platforms, each promising a new way of life. Yet, Noone has successfully fully satisfied all the requirements a social community needs to flourish and sustain its evolution to merge as one with the brand. This process is what leads the brands to be social-centric which is aligned with the changes in new generation requirements that are constantly shaping the digital landscape.

The challenge of most community platforms is that they operate as another fragmented tool in the brand’s technology stack. Brands need also to shoulder some of these failures as they failed to attribute the right support and attention to the community to bear the fruits expected by them. Another study project that 20% + of the marketing budget will be spent on social communities in the next 5 years

The next generation of “social community & engagement platforms” is getting more and more recognition due to the fact that they solve the above issues mentioned and they provide that holistic view and consolidate a maximum of marketing activities into a single platform that enables brands to stream their operations and gains in efficiency and productivity.

Cohora is one of the best “social community & engagement platforms with its own loyalty, product review, affiliate program…..etc that transform brands into a social-centric organization.

We built the Cohora platform from the ground up on these principles to keep the people you love together in an amazing community-style show! We know we have landed on something special that everyone can build, nurture and grow.

It’s time to clean up, and bring all the love together in a single full-stack community theater-style drama for your brand lovers!

It’s like nothing ever built before!

Dip in to see the world of possibilities

Dip in to see the world of community

#Cohora But wait, then what #community supposed to be?

First, do you know them? Do you remember them in their special moments? Do you get them to see the first of anything you are building? Do you reward them for the digital love they pour on you every day? Like ever thought of instantly? Ever sent a brownie for sharing the progress of your brand?

You have been sitting in the dark old dens to forge relationships that was never possible. Don’t sweat, Don’t fret! We have figured out your jump-off points, we have figured out your community playbook, and we have figured out the rewards game! All you need to do is just plug and unleash the things that you desired as relationships with any soul that has discovered you as a brand or a product or service

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